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The Bottom Line Solution

Bad Debt Collections (DRS)

Since 1968, DRS has successfully recovered hundred of millions of dollars in bad debt accounts for our clients.  Our recovery philosophy incorporates the handling of every account with professionalism while taking every possible approach to achieve resolution and maximize recovery.  Our staff is trained to accelerate cash flow, while maintaining positive relationships with patients and payers and are experienced in recovering debts at all stages of the account lifecycle.


DRS is exclusively dedicated to meeting the complex receivables challenges of healthcare bad debt recovery.  Our collection strategy and technology not only allow DRS to handle a wide range of balances, but also routine and complex assignments.  Our staff uses individual call workstations, along with the most up to date skip trace tools.  The Columbia Ultimate Collector System and Information Access Technology Predictive Dialer and Auto Dialer enhance collection activity by maximizing patient contact and ensuring maximum account follow through.  DRS has chosen to use these products because they have been an integral part of the successful evolution of healthcare AR resolution, we have revolutionized the collection industry, and continue to be the pacesetters for collection tracking, management, and reporting.

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