Credit Balance Audit and Resolution

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Credit balances can have a huge impact on your healthcare organization. Many hospitals experience substantial accumulations in their credit balances that often go unresolved. Without the proper resources to resolve these credit balances, healthcare payers’ expenses and waste can increase significantly. 

Our focus at DHCA is to pursue and track recovery of overpaid funds and offer advanced credit balance audits for your healthcare organization. We offer several support options that allow us to find the best overpayment recovery results for you.

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What Sets Us Apart


Professional Expertise

We take client satisfaction very seriously, meaning we ensure our teams are highly trained in credit balance COB (coordination of benefits) rules, compliance regulations, data security, and more.


Proactive Improvements

We work to identify root causes of credit balances so they won’t accumulate again in the future.


HIPAA Compliance

We are dedicated to our well-defined process that preserves protected health information (PHI) and ensures that only necessary data is used to resolve credit balances.


Quick and Efficient Services

If credit balances aren’t resolved in a timely manner, your organization could face increased waste and expenses. We reduce those risks by recovering your credit balances quickly and efficiently using our years of knowledge in working with complex reimbursements.

DHCA’s Resources Can Help

We offer several resources as part of our credit balance audit and resolution services that ensure hospitals get the results they need:

  • Well-Trained Team of Experts with Years of Industry Experience
  • Advanced Resolution Technology with Real-Time Reports
  • Onsite and Remote Services

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