Early-Out Insurance Resolution

Effective Financial Management

Even though insurance balances may not seem like a high priority, great volumes of these balances can have a substantial impact on your bottom line.

At DHCA, we resolve small-dollar insurance accounts using the most cost-effective solutions in the industry. This allows your business to focus its attention instead on high-dollar receivables. By resolving these smaller balances, your business can see reduced costs and more effective financial management within your organization.

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our process

How We Work


We Give Attention to the Little Guys

We focus on balances that typically go unresolved, usually for balances of up to $1500 to $2000.


We Oversee the Entire Process

We put the resolution process into our experts’ capable hands by using online techniques and necessary patient communication to quickly resolve balances.


We Follow Up

We track unresolved balances and transfer them to patient liability to ensure the right steps can be taken next.

How Low-Dollar Insurance Balance Resolution Can Benefit You

  • Scaled Management: While we concentrate on resolving small-dollar balances, you get the benefit of scale by being able to focus on managing larger, more complex operations.
  • Proven Strategy: Our refined resolution and workflow processes ensure better inventory management and cost-effective results.
  • Improved Performance Reporting: We provide comprehensive reporting services to help you see A/R day reductions as we resolve your small-dollar balances.

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