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We Focus on Clear Communication & Empathetic Customer Service

When it comes to interfacing with your patients for debt collections, we understand how critical it is to combine clear communication with empathetic customer service.

At DHCA, we have years of professional experience encouraging patients to take steps to clear their balance in full. Our compliant processes combined with advanced technology ensure that we can identify the patients most likely to pay first. We also focus on alternatives for patients who are less likely to clear their balances.

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How We Make Debt Collections Easier for You


We Take a Best-in-Industry Approach

From our sophisticated technology to our highly experienced staff, we make sure you get the best approach to collection services and recover more bad debt accounts.


We Offer First-Class Reporting and Analytics

Our reporting systems provide information regarding bad debt collections quickly and seamlessly. We also help you strategize based on the data to improve processes and increase revenue.


We Care About Your Patients

We’re not just another third-party resolution service—we are your representatives, which means we care just as much about your patients as you do. We train our staff to deliver quality client care and experiences.

What We Do

  • Account Maintenance: We merge same-guarantor accounts when appropriate and filter records based on statuses such as deceased or bankrupt.
  • Automation: We use advanced technology methods to implement automated workflows to ensure you get the right results.
  • Compliant Services: Our teams are well-versed in HIPAA compliance regulations and use processes that are patient-focused to build rapport and help them resolve their balances.

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