Third-Party Liability and Workers' Compensation Services

We Manage Complex Cases

In cases where third-party liability collections aren’t meeting expectations, DHCA can provide liability and workers’ compensation services that make it easier to manage these accounts.

These cases often require specialized knowledge that your hospital may not have, which is why we offer our team of experts to support you in managing these complex cases. That way, you can dedicate your time and resources to other pressing accounts.

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our process

How Our Process Works


Thorough Investigations

We perform comprehensive investigations, identify responsible payers, and communicate with employers and patients to assess compensations and benefits.


Tracking and Management

We collect all necessary documentation, including medical records, by corresponding with patients as needed.


Proactive Responses

For accounts that are underpaid or denied, we work to appeal them, as well as offer litigation services when needed.

Our Team Can Navigate These Complex Cases

  • We Lower Your Costs: We manage these cases from start to finish, ensuring that investigations are done right. This allows you to reduce your spending costs associated with resources for these complicated accounts.
  • We Improve Your Results: We have several years of experience and understand the regulations and state laws involved in these cases. By employing our expertise, we improve results and resolve more claims.
  • We Implement Long-Term Strategies: We provide relevant data through our reporting systems that help you improve processes and strategies for future account resolution.

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