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First-class Customer Service

Advanced collection programs have become critical for patients who are responsible for paying significant portions of their healthcare bills. Effective collection program representatives such as our team at DHCA provide first-class customer service and ensure compliance with industry, federal, and state regulations. 

Through our use of advanced technology, proactive collection methods, and continual staff training, DHCA ensures quicker collection rates and the most cost-effective results for patients.

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Account Management from Start to Finish

We oversee all collection-related communication through our advanced technology solutions, including call routing, automated workflows, and customized IVR. 


Client-Focused Care

We prioritize customer service and client relationships, which helps us find the optimal solutions for each patient.


Quality Assurance

We implement real-time monitoring and reporting along the way to ensure total client satisfaction.

Our DHCA Guarantee

  • Best-in-Class Customer Service
  • Maximized Collection Rate Results
  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs

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